About Us

 Baobab Essential manufactures 100% Pure and Natural African Baobab oil and Baobab products.
Our company is based in Zinga village few kilometers from coastal historical town of Bagamoyo in Tanzania, Africa.
Baobab Essential is one of the largest and most sophisticated processing companies in East Africa.
We firmly believe in the healing power of mother nature, and when one opt for product that is natural and unprocessed, those vitamins, nutrients, and botanical compounds will not only benefit your external layer, but will also get delivered internally to the rest of our body. It’s like nourishing our body from the outside in.
Indeed, the skin can absorb up to 80% of the things we throw at it.
The baobab (BOUGH-bob) tree is known for its size and spiritual significance in many African cultures. Also known as the monkey-bread tree, the upside-down tree, and the tree of life, it produces a tasty and nutritious fruit, the dried pulp of which has recently been approved as a novel food import by the European Union And United States.
It’s a Super Tree with Super Fruit and Super Oil.

Our Passion

In the pursuit of living more simply, naturally, and conscious of our environment
Baobab Essential was started. We believe that if you choose natural and organic, you do that because you care for your health as well as the well-being of our planet.
Our passion is to create environment friendly, toxin free products that will make you healthier and improve your well being.
We are proud to be at the forefront of the natural revolution providing products that are completely natural, sustainable, stable and incredibly effective. It’s a huge part of our mission to rid the world of harmful and UNNECESSARY chemicals and play a role in preserving our planet for future generations.
This Baobab trees are ancient and are grown without fertilizers, pesticides and have not been genetically modified.



Our Core Values and social Responsibility

 Baobab Essential firmly believes in fair trade and ethics by giving back to society . Our focus is to create employment and opportunities for local rural East African community by producing baobab powder and oil. which is then sold to the manufacturing and retail sectors and in return provide them with much needed income. Our endeavor allows for benefits to flow directly to protect these ancient trees and the lives of the women and children who live around them.
Baobab Essential upholds the highest of industry standards by maintaining the hygiene and quality of our products.
Baobab Essential strive to cultivate a natural and Organic way of living and believes that one can Stay natural and Stay young
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From the very beginning Suvidhi was passionate that her products should be Natural without any chemicals.She strives  to cultivate a natural and organic way of living and believes that one can 

Stay Natural Stay Young 

Natural is

Better for skin

 Better for Health

Better for EnvironmenT


Prashant is proud to  be at the forefront of the natural revolution providing product that are completely natural,sustainable,stable and incredibly effective.




Our main person  Kevin & Michelle behind the scene who makes sure that product performance and ethical practice were never sacrificed for profit.

it’s a huge part of our mission to rid the world of harmful and UNNECESSARY chemicals and play a role in preserving our planet for future generation.

Director Marketing 

Koutilya,an experienced strategic marketer with degress in marketing &Business Management and Law,He developed the Baobab Essential brand for the international market.He is in charge of the strategic development of the brand and its digital platform.He guides Baobab Essential efforts and  Productivity.

Cruelty Free

 Natural and Vegan

 No Gluten & soy



NoParaben .No-sulphate .No silicone ,EDTA,CAPB